Blueberry Hill  

Tucked away in the hills of the Northwestern region of Pennsylvania in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of McKean County, is a spectacular piece of real estate, unharmed, rustic and natural, known as “Blueberry Hill”. It is nestled in Foster Hollow, and has been kept free and natural from the outside sources of oil well drilling or other forms of environmental degradation. This prime and pristine piece of property has been proudly owned and enjoyed by entrepreneur, Mr. J. Michael Paterniti, for over one quarter century.


The land consists of 22.8 acres, with hiking trails, three-rail fencing, two natural springs, three quaint walk bridges over a small stream that winds through the lower portion of the property. It is fed from the overflow of one of the natural springs that bellows soft sounds of trickling and splashing from a distance. A pasture rests along the frontage, with apple trees and a corral area framing its scenic beauty. It is pelted with hundreds of Aspen trees that wisp and rush in the breeze form early spring through late fall and is mixed with beautiful Maple trees near the private entrance of the winding white stone, gravel and red brick bat country driveway. Along side of the country drive are two beautiful mature pink Rhododendron bushes.

Yet, in the midst of the natural environment the property boasts municipal water, electric and natural gas on the property. Surrounding the property on three sides are equal or larger privately owned parcels.

This prime property is six miles from the downtown business district of Bradford Pennsylvania, as well as public and private schools and the newly renovated regional medical center.

Once more, just around the corner, is the very beautiful and affordable Penn Hills Country Club.

Oh, by the way, there are blueberries on the property, which have yielded as much as thirty-four quarts of plump, luscious blueberries in a single season. Thus, the property has carried the name of “Blueberry Hill” for many, many years and several generations.

Now, why all the descriptive details…well, Mike’s life is headed in a new direction, thus, selling this property to a new proud owner. And, there is more…the property is home to a 2,000 square foot, charming and cozy country farmhouse. It hosts a new modern hydronic heating system that includes old-fashioned cast iron radiators.

The new proud owner of “Blueberry Hill”, will not only enjoy God’s creation of the surroundings and natural beauty every day, but will also experience a glimpse of the wild animal kingdom. A day will not pass you by that you won’t see some kind of animals in this natural habitat. There are rabbits, many species of birds which have been observed over the years, including, cardinals, humming birds, yellow finches, black birds, nut hatches, phoebes, cowbirds, chickadees, hawk, tufted titmouse, iridescent grackles, juncos, robins, downy woodpeckers, red headed woodpeckers, ground woodpeckers, blue jays, sparrow, Baltimore oriels, crow, sparrows, wrens, and house wrens, turkey vultures, Canadian geese, mourning doves, flocks of turkey crossing the property, as often as twice in a day up to fifteen seen at one time, and many other species in which you will have to get out your binoculars and bird book to identify them. At night, owls can be heard at a distance too. There are also deer, fawn, wood chuck, red, black and gray squirrels, chipmunks, raccoon, and periodic sightings of bobcats, black bear, cub bear, mink, blue birds, red fox and the belted kingfisher bird.

Location, location, location
. This place is awesome and truly, a breath of fresh air. You will be richly blessed and enjoy living in nature at its best in this secluded, world of its own natural beauty, “Blueberry Hill”. It is conveniently assessable to the regions major attractions including Ellicottville NY Ski Resorts, Buffalo NY, Pittsburgh PA, Niagara Falls & Toronto and just too much to list…come check it out!!!

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"Just a few reasons for acquiring “Blueberry Hill”

· Four seasons vacation or hideaway property, with great recreational places of interest to visit.
· Investment: timber-housing development- with good economic regional growth forecasts.
· Includes well managed timber rights estimated value 50k-100k depending on market conditions.
· Utilize equity from investments, capital gains from sale of home(s), real estate, stock, business,       other windfalls - then - enjoy "Blueberry Hill".

Enjoy the gallery of pictures slide show presentation.

"Blueberry Hill" can affordably be yours now. Call Mike and he will be available at your convenience to discuss amount and any questions you may have.

J. Michael Paterniti
Office: 814.362.6764
Cell: 814.558.7880

“Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff.”
 - Will Rogers